Tuesday, January 22, 2013

David Dike Fine Art Auction

This January 19 marked the return of the David Dike Fine Art Auction, which was recently held in Dallas. David Dike has operated a Dallas art gallery since 1986 and is an authority on early Texas art and artists, the specialty of his enterprise. For a number of years, he sponsored an annual auction of early Texas art in addition to items exhibited in his gallery on Fairmount Street. Now, after an absence, his early Texas art auction had returned. My wife and I attended, and were pleased to see that the event attracted an unusually large number of collectors, other dealers, artists, curators and other museum people, and a group of art historians.  I am not a collector, per se, but I enjoy attending this auction because of the educational value of seeing all the art work and talking to others who are attending about early Texas art. And it is apparent that events such as this do have an educational value because David Dike, as the organizer and sponsor, customarily begins the event with a guest lecturer who talks on a topic dealing with early Texas art or similar subject of interest. This year the opening lecture was given by long-time collector Edward J. Denari who talked about his own personal experiences in collecting and evaluating early Texas art.

Click here for the David Dike Fine Art Gallery